Are you searching for an extra special holiday for you and your loved ones?
Or dreaming of making new memories with your favorite group of friends?

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Whoever you are planning to travel with, we will offer you the chance to holiday just the way you want to, and with exactly who you want!


Our Arctic Exclusive premium holiday packages offer the best personal Lappish experiences with premium service and attention to detail. Giving you the chance to spend quality time alone with those that matter to you most – your own friends and family.

Come and discover the magical
Finnish Lapland with Arctic Exclusive!

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What is
Arctic Exclusive?

Arctic Exclusive is a brand of Lapland Safaris. Lapland Safaris is the leading arctic experience provider in Scandinavia having over 30 years of experience in the tourism industry and cooperation with the leading travel brands

Through our Arctic Exclusive brand, we are dedicated to fulfilling your dream of a unique and personalized Lapland adventure just for you and the special people you have chosen to travel with.

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Choose from our wide variety of Arctic Exclusive excursions, and book conveniently from our webstore. The departures are available with minimum 4 persons.

If your party is smaller, no problem. You can also contact us at

We will be happy to compile you a special personalized package.

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What’s included in your
Arctic Exclusive Package?

  • transfer iconPrivate airport transfers
  • excursions iconPrivately guided excursions
  • guide iconPersonal guide to accompany your group during your excursions
  • package iconWelcome package
  • clothes iconThermal Clothing delivered to your hotel room
  • eco iconThe newest Eco-Friendly 4-stroke snowmobiles *
  • * (For programmes including snowmobiling)
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Private airport transfers

Driver will be waiting to welcome you upon your arrival to the airport and will take you to your hotel.

Arctic Exclusive packages are full of personal services

Private excursions and guides:
  • denise fullmich

    Denise Füllmich

  • jonathan coull

    Jonathan Coull

  • paivi teljosuo

    Päivi Teljosuo

  • sami lapinniemi

    Sami Lapinniemi

They are just few of our group of professional guides. Choose your safari and you will always have personal guide who will be there just for you.

Our guide will introduce you to the destination and give you valuable tips to make sure that you will enjoy every single activity that you will do in the coming days.

Enjoy all of our high quality departures only with the best company you know – your family and friends.

Schedule issues?

If the suggested times for your excursions are not suitable for your own timetable, please contact us at and we will happy to help you to fit all the wished excursion to your holidays


Welcome Package

We want you to feel welcome from the moment you arrive.
We have carefully created a special Lappish package that will be waiting
for you at your hotel, including:

welcome letter
Welcome letter

With our special tips for discovering the best of the destination, including the lesser known gems favored by the locals.

kupilka cup
Kupilka cup

In Finland we have the purest water in the world! Help yourself and pour a cup of fresh water straight from the tap.

woolen hat
Woolen hat

We want to warmly welcome you (and keep you warm for your whole stay.)

Superfood snack bar

Made from the best local organic ingredients.

berry juice
Berry Juice

Organic juice made from the berries picked from our backyard.

Thermal clothes

thermal clothes

Lapland Safaris provides thermal outfits to everyone joining our excursions. And as an Arctic Exclusive customer you will also have your thermal outfits delivered to your hotel rooms prior to your arrival.

Just relax and lay back, we are more than happy to make everything ready for you!

Upgraded service


To maximize your experience, we guarantee that you will get the newest model of our 4 stroke snowmobiles whenever you attend our snowmobile safaris.