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Vesien jäätyessä on aika vaihtaa kalastustekniikkaa!

Pilkkisafarimme vie sinut syrjäiselle järvelle, jonne saavumme moottorikelkoilla. On aika kairata jäähän reikä ja koettaa onneamme pilkkien! Lämmittelemme nuotion ääressä ja nautimme joko kuumaa juomaa tai retkievästä, samalla kun kuulemme huikeita kalastustarinoita! Valitse kohteesi alhaalta ja tule kokeilemaan suoko Ahti antejaan!

Valitse sinulle sopiva safarisiLapland Safaris season 2014 - 2015

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    The Northern Lights is a show that must be seen at least once in life and Lapland is one of the places where it is possible to sight it. We are going to conquer the arctic sky with the snowmobile excursion “Lapland Safaris”. This trip allowed us to get out of Rovaniemi, delving into the […]

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    A travel to Lapland during the Winter it’s something everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. We went at the end of March, when the forests are still covered with snow but the days get longer and the temperatures are rising, becoming more bearable. With more hours of useable sunlight we had more […]

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