Cruises in Rovaniemi

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Cruises in Lapland

There is something incredibly peaceful about the Northern waters. For ages the rivers and lakes have been an integral part of Lapland’s culture and history. Now it’s your turn to embark on a journey through these historical waters.

Leave your troubles ashore and enjoy the calming effect of rivers, lakes and the sea. Our selection of cruises allows you to experience the pure nature of Lapland in all its glory from an entirely different perspective. Whether it’s the rays of the Northern sun or the exquisite Aurora Borealis you want to experience, you will feel it stronger when on open water. With us, you can enjoy the scents and views of the Northern waters year-round.

If your cruise of choice is on a riverboat, you will be able to experience the traditional wooden vessel. In Rovaniemi, our cruises take you to the beautiful surroundings of Kemijoki river.

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