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Christmas and New Year (1.12.-6.1.)

Polar Night (November-December)
In early winter, daylight diminishes and the Polar Night takes hold. The twilight embodies the magical mystique of Lapland, and is ideal for cozying up indoors next to a fireplace and getting in tune with the stillness around.

Snowy fells and dark nights create a wonderful atmosphere for end-of-the-year celebrations. Enjoy the mysterious Lappish ambience, curled up in front of the warm fireplace with a teacup in your hand, surrounded by northern tranquility.

When the year is about to turn, it's time to celebrate Christmas and New Year. What would be more idyllic than to celebrate Christmas in the home of Santa Claus in the shadow of Lapland’s fells. Lapland offers a lot of opportunities during the Christmas season, whether you prefer an active Christmas holiday in the midst of snow covered fells or a soothing break after a long autumn.

As the year approaches its end, the North prepares to greet the new year. The dark nights are perfect for hunting Northern Lights and on the last day of the year the dark night sky is filled with brilliant, colourful fireworks. The end of the year is a festive time in Lapland.

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