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How to ride a husky sledge

You can read the instructions below, so once you will be enjoying a husky safari with us, this will already be a bit familiar for you. On most of our activities, there will 2 persons per sledge: One person will be the driver and other one will travel as a passenger. Switching positions can be done in the middle of the safari. For the driver
For the driver:
Keep both of your feet on the runners and both hands on the handlebar. The driver CAN NOT take any pictures! . The driver CAN NOT take any pictures! The guides on the safari will show you three signs: 1) When the guide puts their hand straight up: It means that you have to STOP the sledge by standing on the brake (a metal breaking device at the back of the sledge) with BOTH feet. 2) When the guide puts their hand up and down: It means "let's go". Release the brake, slowly at first, and go. If the sledge does not move forward you can push it a little bit making sure you keep the other foot on the runner. 3) When the guide waves their arm up and down out to the side: It means “slow down”, you need to use the brake with ONE foot. It is very important to always keep a safety distance of 5-10 metres between your first dog (running as a leader) and the sledge in front of you. Changing the drivers:The driver must stand on the brake with BOTH feet. Then the passenger will stand up and come to stand on the brake also. When the new driver is standing on the brake, the other one will go to sit as a passenger on the sledge. The driver will stand on the brake with both feet until seeing the sign “lets go”.

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